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 DTSM - Digital ITSM Modernization


ServiceNow Platform Services

  • IT Service Management (ITSM)

  • IT Operations Management (ITOM)

  • IT Business Management (ITBM)

  • Customer Service Management (CSM)

  • Security Operations Management (SecOps)

  • Govrnance, Risk, Compliance (GRC/GDPR)

  • Human Resource Management (HR)

  • Custom Applications

  • Platform Integrations

Modernizing your IT Service Management to NextGen Digital ITSM? 

We can help you with planning or executing your ITSM Modernization project.

Let Compass DX guide you. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building for the future in today’s rapidly evolving environment means taking bold chances and making insightful decisions to Modernize, Transform and Innovate.

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Digital Transformation (DX) Services

Application Platform Services

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Discover Our Cloud Application Platform Expertise

Our talented group of expert IT professionals provide thought leadership and a proven holistic approach to clients looking for successful digital transformation planning and execution. Compass DX digital transformation service include:

  • Professional Services

  • Advisory Services

  • IT Transformation Services

  • Application Platform Services

  • CyberSecurity Services

  • Digital Healthcare IT Services

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Digital Cloud Application Integration -iPaaS

Compass DX  leverages Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions enabling enterprises to integrate any application from the cloud or on-premise. The low-code, extremely rapid implementation capabilities of the iPaaS provide organisations dramatic new flexibility in how they shape their hybrid IT environments.

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Compass DX's digital business process automation, orchestration and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions deliver intelligent process optimization and continuous service improvement.

Digital Business Process Automation

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Digital Insight Visualization

Compass DX leverages powerful Analytics and Visualization solutions including Performance Analytics, Tableau, Qlik, Hortonworks that present new insights and Business Intelligence.

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CyberSecurity Services

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Compass DX MDR is a iSecOps as a Service that proactively anticipates, detects, hunt, and stop cyber attacks before they impact you with AI-Driven MDR.

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NextGen SecOps = AI + ML + Analytics + SOAR + SIEM 

Security Operations Centers have deployed legacy SIEM-only based solutions as the cornerstone of their threat detection programs, but are struggling with alert flood, false positives and continued data breaches. Enterprise and SMB organizations must quickly move to intelligent Security Operations (iSecOps) powered by an intelligent SOC (iSOC) that is driven by AI, automated machine learning, and  behavior analytics. Compass DX's MDR iSecOps as a Service is a powered Next-Gen Security Management: 

  • AI: Artificial Intelligence

  • ML: Automated Machine Learning

  • CDL: Cybersecurity Data Lakes

  • Analytics: Behavior Analytics

  • SOAR: Security Orchestration & Automated Response

  • SIEM: Security Incident & Event Management

Healthcare Cybersecurtity

Growth of Connected Devices Now Exposes Medical Equipment

Healthcare organizations are facing two major security challenges: They are prime targets for hackers, and their attack surface expands every day as more and more medical devices are connected to networks.


      Healthcare CyberDefence 
            (Forescout + AI + SIEM + SOAR)


Extended Visibility of Healthcare Devices

Compass DX Healthcare CyberDefence powered by Forescout and SIEM/SOAR platforms discovers devices upon connection to provide accurate, real-time visibility and AI-based analytics. Discover IT, IoT and medical devices as they connect to your network without requiring software agents

Profile and auto-classify devices, users, applications and operating systems without disruption in campus, data center, cloud and clinical environments.












 Visualized Medical Device Intelligence
   The Forescout platform provides your security operations center (SOC) and incident response teams
   with a consolidated, up-to-date view of your device landscape along with classification, connection and     compliance context.


Orchestrate Information Sharing Among Leading Security Tools
 Forescout extends agentless visibility and control capabilities to leading network, security, mobility and
 IT management products via Forescout Extended Modules.
      • Make your existing security investments work better and automate security responses
      • Share context and control intelligence among systems to enforce unified network security policy
      • Reduce vulnerability windows by automating system-wide threat response
      • Provide a higher return on investment from existing security tools and save time due to enhanced
         workflow automation


Forescout + SIEM/SOAR:
An Orchestration Use Case Forescout works with leading SIEM (security information and event management) tools to detect anomalous behavior and automatically launch policy-based enforcement or remediation actions with Forescout. For example, if a point-of-care handheld device begins navigating the network and attempts to access an accounting system, automated polices can isolate the system and alert security personnel to the exact location of the device. Or, if a surveillance camera or barcode scanner in the pharmacy begins broadcasting unusually heavy traffic in the middle of the night, Forescout can isolate the system and inform IT staff.

Digital Healthcare IT Services 

Engage Patients, Plan, Coordinate and Personalize Care

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Compass DX Care Management solutions enable healthcare delivery organizations of all sizes automated solutions for coordinating care outside of their physical facilities. Our Healthcare IT professionals are experienced in empowering value-based payment and accountable care organizations in their journey towards Population Heathcare. 

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